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(Suitable for both Women and Men)

To increase growth & volume, decrease hair loss & prevent greying

Age, poor nutrition, everyday stress, genetics and damage caused by over-styling can impact the health of your hair and cause excess shedding and breakage.


Collagen Lift® Paris HAIR is a daily supplement that significantly decreases hair loss, stimulates regrowth of healthy hair and prevents greying.


HAIR provides preventative and complete hair care through supplementation so you can look and feel your best.


Collagen Lift® Paris HAIR is a powerful combination of ingredients specifically designed to address many of the issues that people experience with their hair (brittleness, hair loss, greying).

If your diet lacks important nutrients (including proteins, vitamins or minerals) it can affect the growth, condition, strength and colour of your hair. Supplementing with Collagen Lift Paris HAIR can improve the quality of your hair:


  • Increases volume, shine and radiance

  • Strengthens the structure of the hair

  • Significantly decreases hair loss

  • Stimulates and accelerates regrowth of healthy hair

  • Prevents greying


Collagen Lift® Paris HAIR provide vital nutrients to the hair follicle:


  • increasing the number of hairs in the anagen (growing) phase of the hair growth cycle, for fuller hair

  • increasing the production of keratin, for stronger hair

  • producing melanin in the pigment cells in the hair follicles to prevent greying


Made in France, this product is for everyone wanting to maximize the health and beauty of their hair for as long as possible.

Two tablets daily with food. 


  • Contains iodine

  • Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women


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Collagen Lift HAIR
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