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(Suitable for both Women and Men)

For evened and brightened skin complexion

Collagen Lift® Paris  RADIANCE, an oil serum formulated using an active ingredient, Hexylresorcinol, selected for its convincing results in terms of radiance and lightening properties, thus reducing pigmentation spots. The complexion is evened, and the skin regains its radiance.


Skin Lightener and Skin Protection/Anti-aging

RADIANCE contains Hexylresorcinol .This active ingredient acts as a skin lightener through a strong inhibition of tyrosinase and peroxidase/H2O2. This melanin-inhibiting action reduces the appearance of brown spots (intensity and number), while smoothing and toning the skin. It is also an anti-oxidant. It has a strong protective effect against H2O2-induced DNA damage and shown to have anti-glycation effect*


  • clear oil serum

  • extremely light to the touch

  • glides over skin

  • non-greasy 

  • super absorbent

  • non-comedogenic (does not clog pores or causes blemishes)


RADIANCE is a super lightweight, clear oil serum that glides over the skin without feeling greasy or heavy.  Super absorbent. 


Add RADIANCE to your skincare routine for an evened and radiance skin complexion.

Directions for Use:


Morning and/or evening, two possible applications modes on previously cleansed skin:


A) Place a few drops of RADIANCE in the palm of your hand, then apply evenly over the entire face and neck. Targeted application is possible.


B) In the palm of your hand, place 3 to 5 drops of the RADIANCE Concentrate in your usual care or mask. Mix until you obtain a homogeneous mixture before application.


Apply evenly to clean, dry skin over the entire face and neck.


Each bottle is 30ml


Made in France.


FREE SHIPPING to Singapore and Malaysia Only.


*Clinically proven

*Hexylresorcinol has an inhibitory effect against the formation of Maillard reaction product (in-vitro using glucose & cysteine) – anti-glycation effect o Cheriot SC, Billaud C, Nicolas J, J Agric Food Chem, 54(14):5120-5126, 2006



Radiance contains Isododecane.  Isododecane is a colorless liquid used as an emollient in products such as mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss and hair spray. 


Isododecane is used in many different cosmetic items because of its low instance of side efffects and as the skin cannot absorb it, it does not elicit significant irritation.

An emolient, Isododecane can provide the skin with protection from moisture loss. emollients help to smooth the appearance of dry and flaky skin, protecting the skin's natural barrier.

Some sensitive skin types may be allergic to Isododecane. be mindful of allergic symptoms such as redness, rash and itchiness.

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